Client Services


There is no charge for Jeffrey A. Goldberg to personally review and evaluate your potential claim.

We understand the financial hardships experienced by individuals who have been wrongfully terminated or discriminated against. We therefore offer representation that fits your needs.

Free Case Evaluation

•    A free case evaluation is a review done by the attorney, free of charge, to assess the facts and circumstances of your situation and determine if the attorney may be able to represent you. This review/evaluation is done solely by the attorney based upon information provided on the intake form and/or provided to the firm’s intake coordinators. The attorney will then decide if it is a case he may be able to assist you with.  You will be notified of such determination by phone or mail.
•    There is no charge for the intake information the attorney reviews.


Many times individuals would like to meet with an attorney to discuss potential claims and other issues related to their current or former employment. The firm offers this service, which is called a consultation. A consultation may be scheduled with the attorney for such purposes and there is a fee for such services.

A consultation is an appointment with the attorney, for one hour, to:

  • Discuss the facts and legal issues concerning your case;
  • Answer any questions you may have about your employment circumstances;
  • Provide you observations from a legal and practical perspective;
  • Evaluate and review relevant documentation;
  • Provide you a strategy and plan of action based upon the discussion points above;
  • The consultation is limited to one hour.

A consultation fee agreement is executed before the consultation begins in order to confirm the confidential nature of the discussions and to confirm the purpose of the consultation.


If you can’t come to us, we can come to you. We offer e-consultations via Skype anywhere in the state of Texas. We understand that traveling to our office from another city can be difficult and time-consuming. We offer this service to clients and potential clients to help them get the answers they need in a convenient, timely manner.